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yoshifb Let me introduce myself and tell you about The Birdy Toy Box.

My name is Rosalyn and I am the manager of The Birdy Toy Box. I am a bird lover. I have been raising, researching and studying birds for over 40 years. Mostly pet birds from finches to hyacinths, all sizes and all species.

About 15 years ago I started making my own bird toys, and have been doing it ever since.  During this time I have been researching various items that are used to make bird toys and sold on the internet and in pet stores. While doing my research I came to realize some people are confused about what is safe and what may not be. People seem to pass up safety for convenience and affordability. This will lead to disastrous results possibly ending in the fatality of your bird. People need to be educated on what you can and can not give to a bird.

The Birdy Toy Box researches and tests all items before we construct any toy. We test metal for zinc and our acrylic and other coloured pieces are tested for lead. There are certain items we do not use at all due to possible safety issues.

All the research carried out and posted is done by The Birdy To Box.  We are not stating if you use the products we have researched as unsafe, your bird will be harmed.  We are only advising you of a potential safety hazard, and the possibility it may harm your bird.

All bird toys pose a risk to your bird. Wood splinters, welds break, materials can cause impaction, ropes and twine can get wrapped around feet and neck.  Birds will find a way to make a safe toy hazardous.  For this reason we do daily inspections of bird toys.

I will continue to research and post safety issues as well as what is best to use for bird toys.  I encourage questions and comments.  All questions are important.  If you are not sure, don’t guess, ask.

Birds are tiny creatures. If you have chosen to have a bird as a pet then you are responsible for the safety, health and overall care of that bird.Do your due diligence and make sure your bird is kept safe so he/she can live a long, healthy, happy life.

The Birdy Toy Box will do our best to provide weekly updates and posts, but research takes time.  We will not not publish a post until we are sure the information is correct and have done the research to back it up.

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