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Birdy Connection Kits

The Birdy Connections are table top bird and parrot toys. They are a completely expandable bird toy; the sky is the limit.

Begin with the starter kit and add as many others as you wish. All kits come with bases, uprights, blocks, perches and braces if required. You choose, you can even make your own design by adding extra blocks perches and bases.

They are designed to be interchangeable. You can take one perch and move it to add to a different base. There are also a variety of additional toys that may be added to the original kit. The Birdy Landing Pad, The Birdy Shredding Pole, and The Birdy Chew Tower are just three of the great additions available. There are also toppers available for extra playing enjoyment.

The bases and blocks of the kits are all made of clear white pine or poplar, and the perches and uprights are all poplar. The bases may be made of hard maple if extra stability is required. Your bird will chew on the bird safe blocks, but new blocks are very affordable to purchase and are readily available.

Use your imagination and create a wonderful play haven for you little feathered friend

Due to the finished size of the play area the cost for shipping would be outrageous. Therefore, they are only available as a kit that you put together yourself.

Birdy Connections are protected by copyright law. No item may be copied or reproduced without the written authorization of The Birdy Toy Box

Click here to see baby quakers playing on Birdy Connections


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